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Unique ideas and outstanding technology

PICOGRAM has developed a variety of innovative products, from environmental materials to the finished products, water purifiers. We are constantly conducting prior technology research, product design and development, and testing to develop products that customers can satisfy.

Always clean & cool water by SPIRAL cooling technology

PICOGRAM developed instant cooling technology through ICE COOLING research. The sealed cooling module that does not require separate cleaning and management is hygienic and has high cooling efficiency, making it a more economical system compared to general water purifiers.

The new Eco-friendly Reverse Osmosis Membrane technology

The Eco Friendly Reverse Osmosis element (EFRO) optimizes the flow area to increase the flow rate in the filter. It inhibits the scale formation on the membrane surface and delays clogging, extending the filter lifetime. Filters to which EFRO is applied reduce the amount of wastewater discarded by more than 50% compared to conventional filters to which general RO is applied, improving filter efficiency and extending the lifetime of pre-filters, making it economical.

  • Acquired NSF/ANSI 58 Standard certification

  • Registered a U.S. patent

  • High efficiency/Economical

  • Eco-friendly (extension of the pre-filter lifetime)

PICOCARB carbon block

It is implemented with PICOGRAM's unique heat compression manufacturing technology.
The PICOCARB Carbon Block (PICOCARB : Heat-Compressed Carbon Block), is highly economical through specialized technology
while using high-quality raw materials. We acquired NSF certification to expand its potential to the American and overseas markets.
  • Acquired NSF/ANSI Standard 42 certification

  • Application for 7 patents related to manufacturing method

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PICOGRAM is promoting joint development and sales of functional cosmetics for therapy that improves aging functions based on high-purity purified water in collaboration with EYESEL, a functional healthcare company. EYESEL is a company that creates the beauty of the world with beauty, building the history of the coming beauty that creates the value of beauty.