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About Us

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A specialized brand in living environment home appliances

PUREAL is a compound word of "pure," a desire to contain purity and pureness of nature
in our products and services, and "real," a true and sincere heart to preserve the natural environment
through eco-friendly technology.

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is a brand specializing in living environment home appliances of PICOGRAM,
a global filter company that has continuously grown with innovative technology
and creativity since its foundation in 2000.

constantly researches for values of customer convenience and nature protection.
It is growing into a brand that provides directions one step ahead of customers' needs.

We provide professional OEM/ODM services
to meet the needs of various customers

We will do our best to become a company specializing in living environment home appliances with innovative products through source technology development and differentiated material technology.

With our core material technology and manufacturing competitiveness accumulated since its foundation in 2000, PICOGRAM has been proposing a variety of products and technologies suitable for domestic and overseas markets.
We will continue to listen to what our customers are saying and make efforts to become a company that responds quickly to market changes

Core Materials

With our accumulated technology in the variety of materials and filters, which are the core of environmental home appliance technology,
we are developing suitable solutions for each market and developing various core materials that can be applied to environmental home appliances such as water purifiers and air purifiers.

Bio & Health Care

To discover and secure new growth engines, we are pushing ahead with new businesses into the bio & healthcare areas.
We are collaborating with EYESEL, a company specializing in stem cells and cosmetics,
and are preparing to launch products together with many domestic and foreign partner companies to secure healthcare technology.