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Picogram Releases 'Pureal Foldable Cordless Fan' for Easy Portability

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    2024-06-13 15:19:47
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Picogram Co., Ltd. (CEO Seok-Rim Choi), committed to creating Eco Friendly Appliances with the brand name, PUREAL, announces the launch of 'PUREAL Foldable Cordless Fan' on JUNE 10.

Picogram Co., Ltd., dedicated to water purifiers and filters for 24 years, is now making a significant leap with the launch of PUREAL Foldable Cordless Fan following the launch of PUREAL Humidifiers and Filtered Shower Head.

This new product, 'PUREAL Foldable Cordless Fan' features the latest foldable structure, standing at 92cm tall when fully extended, which is the same height as a standard fan. Above all, when it is folded fully, the height is just 13.5cm, making it convenient for use not only at home but also in studios, offices, tent camping, car camping, and travel, regardless of time and place.

To celebrate the launch of 'PUREAL Foldable Cordless Fan', a carry-on case is included, allowing for easy and convenient transport, and ensuring dust-free storage during the winter when not in use.

The Pureal Foldable Cordless Fan can be used in either Cord or Cordless. It is equipped with a large 6,000mAh battery, allowing for up to 18 hours of continuous use with Cordless. When used with a portable battery (20,000mAh), it can be used continuously for up to 78 hours.

The key component, BLDC motor, which is used in aircraft & precision machinery, is equipped for the low noise, low power consumption, and high efficiency.

Also, various fan speed controls are available from multiple speeds from breeze wind, level 1 to strong wind, level 8, while maintaining a low noise level of 28dB, quieter than the sound of a wall clock.

Additionally, the fan comes with various user-friendly features such as a remote control, timer, oscillation, natural wind, and sleep mode.

In addition, the Pureal Brand website and Pureal Brand Naver website are offering discounts of up to 34% to celebrate until Tuesday 18 June the launch of the new product.

Furthermore, on Tuesday, JUNE 11, from 11 a.m. in Korea Time, the launching show will be aired on Naver Shopping website for one hour, providing information about the new 'Pureal Foldable Cord-Less Fan' and offering special benefits to the first-come-first-served participants during the hour-long broadcast.

source : ChosunBiz