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Picogram, ‘Pureal Large-capacity Compound Humidifier’ newly released

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    2023-12-21 11:15:10
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The specialized household electronics company Picogram (CEO Choi Seok-rim) announced on the 20th the release of a new product, 'Pureal Large-capacity Compound Humidifier,' under its household electronics brand 'Pureal.'"

The new product, 'Pureal Large-capacity Compound Humidifier,' is gaining attention for its overwhelming performance and convenience, surpassing previously released compound humidifiers, heating humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers, and evaporative humidifiers.

Pureal's large-capacity humidifier adopts a compound humidification method, maximizing the advantages of heating and ultrasonic humidifiers, recognized as the safest and most advanced humidification method without concerns about burns or excessive electricity usage

Furthermore, it incorporates UV-C self-sterilization technology, replicating the sterilization method utilizing sunlight, ensuring perfect elimination of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, and odors.

With a robust humidity output reaching up to 600mL per hour, it quickly elevates humidity even in spacious homes or offices, featuring an extensive 10L tank enabling up to 83 hours of continuous use with a single water refill.

In addition, various user-friendly features are adopted, including ‘a Dedicated Remote Control’ for long-range operation, 'Auto Humidity Mode' to maintain preset humidity levels, 'Auto Timer' to assist in personalized usage periods, and 'Moving Wheels' for convenient mobility, reflecting diverse customer needs

Moreover, its simple structure allows easy and swift disassembly, making convenient and straightforward cleaning accessible to everyone.

A Pureal representative emphasizes the essential nature of humidifiers during the current cold season with sub-zero temperatures and the prevalence of influenza and pneumonia, stating that humidifiers are not just a choice but a necessary product. They express the wish that everyone remains healthy and spends a pleasant winter with the 'Pureal Large-capacity Compound Humidifier.

The new product 'Pureal Large-capacity Compound Humidifier' is available for purchase at the Pureal brand mall and Naver mall, offering a 35% discount during the launch promotion starting from the 20th .

On another note, Pureal is gearing up for a second leap from its previous position as a specialized water purifier brand to a specialized household electronics brand. In the coming year, they plan to release various new products, including filter showers, food waste processors, coffee machines, fans, heaters, dryers, and clothing care devices, catering to diverse customer needs.

source : asiae