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Invisible world, Picogram Technology!

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Global Company, Picogram

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The Cleanness and Genuineness of Nature

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Pure & Real Life,

Life Quality Changer, PUREAL

We, PUREAL are researching the better human life in view of environmental protection.
To save the clean planet based on innovative ideas and creativity,
We will continue striving to develop living environment home appliance technology with a sincere heart.

  • Water Purifier
  • Water Filter
  • Carbon block

Invisible world, technology!

The Best Technology

PICOGRAM will lead the 4th Industrial Revolution through continuous R&D and investment expansion
with more than 20 years of know-how in developing filters and new materials and key manufacturing
technologies in the field of living environment home appliances.

R&D Center

Specialized Company in Living Environment
Home Appliances,
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